Collaborative work of Hemant with local and international vendors

Queen of We

Tofu Media, a production company based in Tokyo, created an original FIFA documentary titled “Queen  of We,” which consisted of four captivating episodes. Hemant had the pleasure of collaborating with them as a skilled camera B operator, bringing his expertise to the project.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

During the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Hemant was given a unique opportunity to work directly with the prestigious IOC – International Olympic Committee. As a skilled camera operator, Hemant provided invaluable behind-the-scenes live feedback to the IOC’s partners, a truly exceptional experience that he cherishes to this day.

Rugby World Cup 2019

Hemant had the wonderful opportunity to work directly with International Games Broadcast Services (IGBS) during the Rugby World Cup 2019, which he found to be a truly pleasurable experience.

Making The Cut

Virgin Earth, a local production company, played a pivotal role in producing and facilitating four episodes of the fashion reality show “Making The Cut” on Amazon Prime Video. In Tokyo episodes, Hemant assisted in productions, providing software support to the contestants in one of the episoded, as well as serving as the photographer on one the runway show.

Unsolved Mysteries

Virgin Earth, a Tokyo-based production company, played a pivotal role in the shooting of the captivating “tsunami spirits” on Netflix’s episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Hemant had the privilege of working on this project as a skilled Camera Assistant

World premiere Pokemon: Detective pikachu

Hemant worked as one of the camera operators with Virgin Earth, a Tokyo-based production company, who was involved in the World premiere of “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” at Godzilla Road of Kabuki-cho in Tokyo, Japan on April 25, 2019.

Showcased work - Filmed & post-production by Hemant singh

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